Ban for good mood

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  • Ban for good mood

    - Kick/Ban Reason - Spam/ Troll | Perm - BrezZZz
    - Player ID - (76561198078185399)
    - Date and Time of the Kick/Ban - 29/04/16 11-12 pm

    • Hello,about on Friday, 29 April, i have been banned. I have switched on the music in the transport channel when we have been going from the spawn. After this i have been banned for unknown time. In my defense, I could say that this music have been liked many guys =). I did not trolls.
    • Permanent? Seriously??!!! ?(
    • If my actions have been contrary to the rules of the game, then I apologize and pledge not to repeat in future.
    • P.S. Still, I would like to add about not adequately configured to players by the Team Speak administration, link below
    Permanent ban at the Team Speak

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  • Hello,
    Playing Musik inGame is forbidden, so you break the Server rules.

    Then you connect to the Teamspeak Server and dont Join the "Wait for Support" Channel.
    You Poked me like 3-4 Times, everybody see it in the Youtube Video. I Write "Dont Poke me"
    and you poke me like a trolling Kid, thats why you getting Banned on Teamspeak too.

    I dont wont to unban you, so have a great time on a other Server

    greetings BrezZZz
    „Jeder Kunde kann sein Auto in einer beliebigen Farbe lackiert bekommen, solange die Farbe, die er will schwarz ist.“ - Henry Ford
    • Is it right to ban a player forever that he once turned on the music?

    • I do not speak English well, and do not know to join this channel to get the support.
    And u wrote that i should do not poke u in the last message, and i excused and said i would wait. But u banned me despite these moments. "and you poke me like a trolling Kid, thats why you getting Banned on Teamspeak too." - Is not troll, i would like to be gentle.

    If u have not want to unban me for these reasons, then i would not understand who is "troll kid" ?(
  • go to the support channel...
    and dont poke me...



    seriously bro?
    and then you have the nerves to ask who is the troll kid?

    do not poke me...
    how brainless can someone be to not get that? and do it again within 3 seconds...
    you are like these fucking cats in the youtube videos... which throw glasses and vases off the table... they get caught... they realize they got caught.... and BAM... throw off the next glass...
    these cats in my eyes are real assholes... they dont give a shit... they think they are the boss...

    you are like these cats...
    except the cats arent banned on arma3
  • Ur cats and ur opinion don't metter for me, I asked here to solve this problem with the administration.
    But in response, only endless accusations of trolling. It smacks of paranoid delusions of people who are trying to see around it. The administration can not and does not want to engage in dialogue with the community and simply rejects the people who could help them financially in the future.
    Пацан к успеху шел, так получилось, не фартануло...
    Best regards, Russian friend.