Charlie Murphy banned a year ago -/+

  • Charlie Murphy banned a year ago -/+

    i've been banned to all your servers ever since i got Arma 3 from steam about 2 years ago.
    i've never actually played on your servers, but i would love to play them.
    From the moment i logged in when i bought ARMA 3 i got banned, i have tested every 2 months if got unbanned, but im still banned.
    I send a private message about half a year ago, but got no reply, please unban me. i beg of you.

    With regards,

    Charlie Murphy
  • Hello,
    first of all, you are not banned since 2 Yeahrs. So thats lie Nr.1.

    charliemurphy schrieb:

    (I dont understand this, because when i got banned about 1.5 years ago, i dont think you even had this many servers)

    Yep, because we get new servers, we dont use the same Banlist, so all these Hackers and Trollers can play on the new Server?
    This makes absolutly no sense. So we use one Banlist for every single Server.

    A Second Thread is useless, did u think we are to slow or why you write a second one?
    You said, you where banned 2-1,5 Yeahrs ago, and now you write here to get unbanned? you are to slow.

    So, that ban is like 12 Month ago, nobody is Banned for Fun.
    I dont get any Informations about that, so i dont unban you.

    greetings BrezZZz
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