MSE-3 Marid

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    • MSE-3 Marid

      Can you add at least tanks ? Marid is so weak it takes only 1 shoot to destroy it and when you go in city, someone can peak from one of 100 houses and kill you, before you have any chance to do anything. And camping outside zone is forbidden, so there is no use for vehicles, it gets one shoted...
    • What the hell dude, i am not talking shit all day. I made 1 post, because you server performance isn't good. I didn't use offensive language, or shitalk whatsoever. It is just fact. And you start crying like little baby... It is not my fault, that your server is crap. Btw marid is useless one rocket can destroy it. There is no point in using it. Don't change it is your server, i don't care, just saying it is what is feedback for, not my fault you can take any critique...
    • "please add jumping from helicopter"
      next thread
      "this server is so bad"
      next thread
      "its says you can get banne for teamkilling"
      next thread
      "donator xp farm"
      next thread
      "25 cooldown on tdm server"
      next thread
      "MSE-3 Marid"

      and everytime the same buddy.... "change this..... do this..... cry cry cry"

      but just for you:

      please add jumping -> Nope, ppl try to kill other helicopters with helicopters and jump out
      this server is so bad -> Nope, this server is online and full of players since 5 years, your PC is Crap, thats all
      its says you can get banned -> I dont remove a Punishscript because you playing on a shitty PC
      donator xp farm -> Nope, i dont change levels of weapons and stuff, the game will get boring after a few hours
      25 cooldown on tdm -> there is a good reason for a Cooldown, but all you think about is your self bud.
      And Marid -> Nope, this is my Server, i dont like tanks, play on a other server....

      but i have a gread idea, create your own Server!!!
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