Unban request

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    • Unban request

      We never kick or ban without any Reason, so if you will get a chance to get unban please dont lie.
      A lie or insult the Admin will not end in a unban.

      Please give us following Informations:

      - Kick/Ban Reason "Perm du depp I D"
      - Player ID (7xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [url='https://steamid.io/lookup/76561198217864287']76561198217864287[/url]
      - Date and Time of the Kick/Ban Mhm , i dont know i think it was in March 2018.
      - Describe the Problem I dont really remember. i got mad and write som stupid thinks in chat and was very toxic. It was very stupid and i am so sorry for that and i hope i can get a unban becuse i was like this server to practise and have fun.

      Hope i can get back on the server! :)

      // E