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      - Ban or Kick Reason - Infistar Global Ban - (I was reported to infistar with forged infistar logs from an server owner i used to develop for... i left his development team and threatened me to return. When i didnt he just changed the logs in his infistar logs txt files and switched actual hackers names, pids and ip addresses to my own. After this i was shortly banned. I spoke to members of the infistar team and they explained to me that this stuff happens regulary but they cant do anything about it or they could just unban anyone saying that excuse. I showed them the chat logs on steam but they told me they cant unban me since the server owner sent them his forged logs so its hard but fake evidence. They explained to me that i will need to ask server owners to allow me to be whitelisted from their global ban list on their servers. so this is why i am asking to be whitelisted on this server. i have played over 300 hours in this server and reached to level 70+ i have spent alot of time here and dont want to be left from this server because of an ass who blackmailed me into being his dev please consider this and dont keep me away from this server as its all i used to play im whitelisted on alot of other servers as they understand please do aswell)
      - Player ID ( [url='']76561198313722932?[/url] )
      - Date and time of the incident ) recent month