Unban request [english]

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    • Unban request [english]

      - Kick / Ban Reason : Bad Words

      - Player ID (76561198078439333)

      - Date and Time of the Kick/Ban : I don't remember but around 2015/16

      - Describe the Problem : I was young (13) and I made a mistake : Spawnkilling (not on purpose) at Kavala, so an admin banned me, then I went on Teamspeak but I didn't know to speak english so Did not understand what the admin said and all I said was probably raging words ^^'. Now I grew up, and I understand english so 1. Can read and understand correctly the rules and 2. I know to keep my calm x). I remember was really enjoying your serv so I really hope you'll unban me and Excuse me. I'm sorry for that problem. Thank you for reading Have a nice day !