Ban Appeal

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    • Ban Appeal

      - Kick / Ban Reason: Greetings from AFC
      - Player ID (76561198123734505)
      - Date and Time of the Kick / Ban: sometime in 2016 can't remember the exact date
      - Describe the Problem :

      In 2016 i was playing with some gangmembers from a Altis Life server. I was playing very serious and having a good time, but suddenly some of the people started trolling. They started to kill eachother and stuff. I yelled at them in teamspeak to get them to stop but they didn't listen. I did everything in my power to get them to stop but they ignored it and continued. I got banned because i had the same tag as them. Me personally didn't do anything wrong and i got banned only because my "friends" trolled. I dont fins this fair. Why should i be punished for something i can't control? I did everything i could to try and stop them. Ofcourse i didn't kill them ingame or something like that because that would only be like gasoline on the fire. I tried to talk to them in teamspeak but they didn't listen. If Admins had spectated me during the situattion you would have seen that i wasn't even close to them ingame. Over 2 years have passed and i still miss the server. I would appreciate a unban.

      Best Regards