Unban request

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    • Unban request

      - Kick/Ban Reason : Troll
      - Player ID : 76561198168475250
      - Date and Time of the Kick/Ban : Permanent ban - On May 2016
      - Describe the Problem :
      I explosed two helicopter in spawn (= Troll) and I assume it but I was angry after my team trolling me...
      I was stupid this day and I don't understand why I made this and I'm very sorry for players who was victime of this.
      I will not remake this. I'm very very sorry and I understand your choice if you don't accept my unban.
      I'm french guys so sorry for my English.

      PS : I remember I was 22 level so I played a long time on your server...

      See you soon and have a nice game.

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