Please Please Please Remove These Stupid LMGS

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    • Please Please Please Remove These Stupid LMGS

      So this is coming from myself and many many other players. Please remove the Zafir and MK200.... they server no purpose on a tdm server and they make no sense being in, in the first place. The SPAR16S Lmg is blocked and the navid and SPMG but the Zafirs and MK200s arent??? It makes no sense please remove it so the TDM server can actually be a place for people to get better at the game and test their skills without been mowed down by stupidly OP weapons...
    • Hello Armaboy,
      i am playing TDM as well, and i like it. I can understand your opinion on lmgs, but i think its not necessary to remove the Mk200 or the Zafir. Mk 200 cant penetrate walls and the recoil control is difficult without using a bipod. If you use a bipod there is everytime the risk of getting sniped or getting killed from behind. It does only onehit on head. Zafir is in things of recoil control even worse, yes it is 7,62 and does onehit, but it is loud af. So you get spotted very easily and get killed. Further both dont require a very high rank, so you can play them as well. I personally have no problem in killing lmg users, and i am honest, sometimes i am playing lmg as well. So in conclusion for me it is enough to lock spmg navid and spar. Every weapon is different, some are stonger some are weaker but lmgs do have disadvantages in aim, mobility and stealth + long reload time. Therfore they have more ammo and can supress enemies. Take the Mk 18 in comparison, it has only 20 rounds, but it has more or at least the same dmg,it has much more accuracy and is better for playing stealthy or sniping. But in close combat you stand up with full auto too. No wall penetration no ban reason for lmgs. And that lowranks dont have an mk 18 is no arguement, because you can play a katiba very well too.
      Thats my feedback to this topic, with creativity and skill you truly can stand up to lmgs. Wasnt that your point getting skilled with your weapon? So take this as challenge
      Greetings Martin
    • Im level 70. Ive been playing arma for 7000 almost 8000 hours and i know the weapon mechanics. Mk200 Does have the ability to penetrate walls in some circumstance as does the zafir. Now both may be "hard" to control but when your firing 200 rounds down range accuracy isnt needed. The spar 16s yes it maybe a 5.56 and have very low recoil but there is no point in having that blocked along with the navid and SPMG but having MK200 and zafirs remaining unlocked. TDM is ruined for very low levels with these LMGs as they have barely any room to improve their gunplay. If they are not removed then they at least need to be made a higher rank to level 30 or higher just so lower levels have a chance.