Glitching sniper?

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    • Glitching sniper?

      I have noticed a player, a Dwarf, going into the same spot outside castle wall no matter how you counter him.
      From that spot he is invisible to most of the town and can only be shot from opfor side of town barely, but he can engage most of the town hospital hill etc without you being able to shoot back.
      This has happened today 19:30, previous games and days aswell.
      Is he shooting through the rocks or somehow else being able to shoot accurately into town without exposing himself the least?

      Server: KotHA
      Player: a Dwarf
      Time 19:30
      Pictures of the spot and him in it, he has shot me on the bottom of hospital hill from this spot withou me seeing any part of him.
      Can make a small vid if needed to show how invisible he is from this spot.
      Can you place something to block that spot? Once he learns to shoot he could be dangerous from that spot.