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  • You only deserve a lot of kicks in the ass. Stop trolling me around and bann this account from the forum too.

  • If you are a bit clever, you can see the reason why im going to fuck off about your servers. Read the reply n.18

  • Zitat von BrezZZz: „yeah.... Admins are Idiots, Forum is shitty..... But sorry i wanna play on your Server :((((((( Please Unban me u Faggot Admin :((((( Dickheads :((((((( Mama the admin banned me :(((((( “ Sure ahahahahahahahahhahahahahh I don't care a more fucking nothing to play on your few unstable lagging servers. Im not crying, im very happy to join other better servers than this shit. Bye Bye

  • Zitat von AFC~Gagi2~: „Zitat von Michel: „Hello, i'm sorry for what i said before in the game “ Zitat von Michel: „frustated kids with a ridiculous team of sheep im tired to reply to dickheads. Best regards (idiots) “ well... and you still wonder why you got banned in first place... “ Hey slow down. I said that after being trolled by you and your friend. When i come here on forum to apologizing, i didnt insulte nobody (except what i previous said on your server). However the bann is perm, so the…

  • Lol i said right, here only frustated kids with a ridiculous team of sheep Oh yes, "that guy who payed for 2 dedicated root servers", "tell your mom im so sorry" AHAHAHHAAHAHA can't stop laughing ahahahhahaha p.s Please ban me from this shitty forum too, cuz im tired to reply to dickheads. Best regards (idiots)

  • Did you say i'm a kid? You know the reason of ban? I get banned for saying "faggot" and "stupid" to an admin. Who is the kid now? Very very funny, only irritable kids like you can get offended by such words. When other people tell me that i can only laugh, nothing more. Pathetic, you made me loosing my time to reply this.

  • It seems that you are very frustated about your poor life. I will give you some advice, go to get a girl and you will be more happy with the whole world. bullshist is all in your mind. -Closed-

  • You guys are very funny eh? I'm apolagizing for what i did and got trolled by admin. Can you explain me the reason?

  • I understand my wrong (i never cheated or teamkill), i'm very sorry and i promise i will never more talk in the chat. If you can at least bann me for 1 or 2 month. All can i say is to give me the last change...

  • Hello, i'm sorry for what i said before in the game, but i very like playing in Academy KOTH servers, so i ask if i can get unbanned. Thanks very much, Michel.